Reiki Sessions


Reiki sessions are approximately one hour in duration and are very relaxing and calming. During the session the client lies fully clothed on a massage table while listening to soothing music.  The Practitioner connects with the Universal Healing Energy and then transmits this clearing, balancing and strengthening energy to the client by gently placing their hands over various energy centres.  If a person is experiencing a physical issue the Practitioner will place their hands near to this area of the body to strengthen the energy field surrounding it.

The most common physical sensations a client might experience during a session are a pleasant heat, tingling or cool sensation.  An overall feeling of stress and tension release as well as a comforting sense of peace and well-being are also experienced.


Reiki sessions are very gentle and work very well with other healing modalities or practices to enhance and support them.


ALL SESSIONS ARE NOW LONG DISTANCE. Please contact me by e-mail or by phone – 416-703-0002 to book a session or discuss rates.

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