Reiki Sessions


I have changed my Reiki practice to only providing long distance sessions. When we meet on the “energetic level” I am able to tune into the client’s energy field to transmit the Reiki energy. I do this by raising my energy vibration to “meet” the other person’s energy field through the Crown Chakra. Many people find long distance sessions even more powerful than hands-on sessions.


The client either emails : or calls : 416-703-0002 and arranges a day and time when they can either lie down or meditate for 30 minutes. Also during the initial contact the client will outline what they would like me to focus on during the session.


During the pre-arranged date and time I connect with the client’s energy field and working with the chakra system assess, clear and strengthen the energy field. The client may feel physical sensations such as warmth, tingling, cool and overall a feeling of calmness and peace. During sessions I often pick up colours or crystal energies that can be helpful in maintaining a balanced and calm energy field.


After a session I contact the client by email or phone, as  to their preference, and provide them with a review of the session. After a session clients have found that they feel more energized, less anxious, calmer and more centered with greater mental claritiy.

Reiki sessions are very gentle and work very well with other healing modalities or practices to enhance and support them.



The cost for the session is $40 and is paid by e-transfer to

Please contact me by e-mail or by phone – 416-703-0002 to book a session.

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