Since childhood I have had a deep interest in alternative and spiritual subjects.  For many years I practiced and taught Yoga and Meditation where I opened up to an awareness of the human energy field and how to balance and strengthen it.  As part of my spiritual journey I learned about Reiki and from the very first session I received and the very first class I took, I knew deep within me that Reiki would be a continual part of my life.  I have been practicing and teaching Reiki Classes in Toronto for over  20 years and my enthusiasm and respect for it continues to be re-affirmed.




Reiki (pronounced “ray” “key”) is a form of natural energy balancing which originated in Japan.  The “rei” part of the word translates as Universal Energy and the “ki” part of the word translates as Vital Life Force Energy.  This Vital Life Force Energy flows through everything that is alive and the concept of “ki” is similar to “chi” or “prana”.  The Reiki energy focuses on the individual’s energy field to clear, balance and strengthen it.  This in turn promotes a sense of well-being and enhances a person’s own internal energetic harmony and balancing ability.

Reiki promotes a sense of peace and well-being.  During a session the Reiki Practitioner acts as a vehicle or pathway for the Universal Healing Energy to flow into the client’s energy field to restore harmony and balance.

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Conveniently located at King and Bathurst in Downtown Toronto

For further information and rates please contact me via e-mail  barbkeshen@rogers.com or by phone – (416) 703-0002

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